Monday, November 16, 2009

Molly's First Communion Cross

Molly's First Communion Cross
Size: Medium Cross Base; 9" x 13"
Materials: Transparent art glass, True blue stained glass, Sapphire crystal beads, Flat glass beads in various colors, White and blue grout, Wood base painted with blue metallic and copper paint.

This beautiful cross has been a long time in the making. Molly's mom, a former client, contacted me several months ago about making a special cross for Molly's First Communion. Two years ago, I made a First Communion cross for Molly's sister, Grace (click here to see Grace's cross), so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to create another special cross for their family.

My client wanted the design to be bright and fun. She also wanted the cross to be similar to - but not matching - Grace's and have stars in the background. I think we accomplished that! I found some awesome flat beads, and the design came together quickly. I painted the base of the cross metallic blue and scattered hand-painted copper stars throughout the background. I used clear glass so the stars would show through the glass.

I have such a love / hate relationship with clear glass. I love that it gives me flexibility: I can paint the base of the cross and whatever I paint shows through. Amazing possibilities. (Two other examples of this technique are my Everlasting Covenant (see it here) and Calm My Anxious Heart (see it here) crosses.) But clear glass also requires absolute perfection in cutting. Glass tends to fracture when not cut perfectly. These fractures are hidden in the glass in non-transparent glass but, with clear glass, any fractures in the glass are obvious when placed on the base. Therefore, my cuts have to be exact; using my nippers to help "fudge" a cut is not an option. The good news is that results are always more than worth it.

The cross is grouted in two different colors ~ blue in the heart and white in the background. I’m out of practice on two color grouting and was a bit concerned about how it would go. The process is tricky and, if it’s not done just right, you can end up with a huge mess instead of a beautiful cross. All of the beads complicated things even further. Luckily, the grouting process went smoothly, and I’m so glad I went for it. Here’s a closeup that shows the different grout colors:

Molly's Cross ~ Close up

To my client, thanks for giving the opportunity to create this mosaic cross for Molly, and thanks for your patience. I wish Molly so much happiness and joy!

In Him,

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