Sunday, April 29, 2007

Electric Heart ~ Revisited

I have no idea how I forgot to say this in my last post about Electric Heart. I think I'm losing my mind.

The cross was donated to the local chapter of the American Cancer Society. It was auctioned off at their Cattle Baron's Ball last night and the winning bid was $100. Not too shabby.

I'm blessed to be able to be a part of wonderful fundraising events.

In Him ~


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Electric Heart

Here it is ~ the mosaic cross that I mentioned in my last entry.

As I mentioned, it's quite a departure from my previous crosses. I hesitate to say that though because it's also very true to my style and the direction of my artwork. For instance, it incorporates beads and intricately cut transparent glass like several of my previous mosaic crosses.

But it is also more dramatic than most of my other artwork. I have also never made a larger mosaic cross that is predominantly black. I'd love to hear what you think. Please feel free to leave a comment.

A little bit about the design process. The inspiration for the design is the beautiful fused glass, asymmetrical heart featured in the center of the cross. The heart was created by artist Jean West. I painted the base of the cross black to showcase the heart. The black background really sets off the beautiful iridescent features throughout the heart. Not that you can tell any of this from the picture . . . I worked so hard to try to get a good picture and this was the best I could do. You'll just have to take my word that the actual piece is much more "electrifying" (get it?!) than the picture above. Here's a detail shot that gives you a little better feel for the real thing:

Ribbons of iridescent glass are interwoven throughout the heart and I carried these "glass ribbons" onto the cross base with beads. I also placed gold leaf in random places on the background. I then pieced the background in transparent glass so the black and gold leaf would be seen. I grouted in black.

A technical note. The adhesive I use (Weldbond) dries clear but is white when you first apply it. It can take days (I've heard even weeks or months?) to turn clear and the Texas humidity doesn't help the process! The moral is that, if you have a deadline to meet, make sure you finish piecing the background in time for the adhesive to turn clear. Or at least, that's what a little birdie told me. ;)

Thanks for reading.

In Him ~


Monday, April 23, 2007

Latest Mosaics

Just a quick "fly-by" post to share my latest mosaics. I'll include a brief description with each picture.

A Dove Cross. This mosaic was given by my client to a special friend for her birthday. The blue/green transparent and textured background really makes the iridescent white dove "pop." This is the first time I've used the background glass and I am so happy with the result. It's such a calm, peaceful color. The transparency and texture give it a water-like feel. It's very soothing. The cross is on my Small (7.5" x 10") cross base.

An interesting tidbit ~ the dove is my most requested cross design. I'll write more about the symbolism and significance of the dove in the future.

Pink Handpainted Daisy Heart Cross. A First Communion gift. The background is light, pastel pink. I have the hardest time photographing it. It's softer in person.

Letter "A" with Butterfly. This mosaic will be a baby gift. The colors and butterfly were chosen to match the baby's nursery. My Mosaic Letters are approximately 4" tall.

Flared Heart Cross with Brown Border & Iridescent Background. A wedding gift. The cross is made on my Smallest (4" x 6") cross base.

Apple Cross. This mosaic was commissioned as a graduation gift for my client's friend. I bet you can't guess what profession the friend is entering?! The order also includes custom designed notecards featuring this cross image. The cross is made on my Smallest (4" x 6") cross base.

I have also recently finished 2 larger crosses. I'll share 1 of them in my next entry. It's quite a departure from my "norm." I'm anxious to hear what y'all think! Check back soon.

In Him ~


Monday, April 09, 2007

A Belated Happy Easter

Sorry to go MIA for the last week . . . I'm still trying to recover from surgery (although I'm getting better every day), then my laptop crashed yet again and then my grandmother was admitted to ICU, then Hospice and passed away yesterday morning. As sad as it is for my family, the thought of her living her earthly body behind and rejoicing with her loved ones in Heaven brings a smile to my face.

In many ways, I think the days after Easter are more important than the actual day of Easter. Resurrection Day of course is the central focus of Christianity and gives meaning to our faith and beliefs. But what about the days following Easter? When the focus shifts to our actions and how we live out the Resurrection in our daily lives. Is your life any different because Jesus arose from the dead yesterday? What are you doing differently today . . . and tomorrow . . . to ensure that Jesus lives in your life?

Wishing you a wonderful week ~

In Him,