Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Finding Inspiration

I promise that I really do talk about something other than rainbows but I have to share this. (Then ~ no more rainbow talk for at least 5 posts! LOL!)

I was driving on the highway yesterday with my 3 sleeping children in the back seat. It was a beautiful sunny day with white, fluffy clouds in the sky. We were almost home and I happened to look up in the sky. I first noticed a huge cloud covering the entire sun . . . the cloud was backlit and appeared to be glowing . . . sun rays were pouring out from the sides. It was gorgeous.

Then I noticed something amazing to the right of the cloud. A circular rainbow. It was a circle of light composed of all of the colors of the rainbow. I've never seen anything like it. It was awestriking and absolutely captivating(I'm surprised I didn't wreck the car while looking at it). My thoughts went immediately to the Noahic Covenant and what the rainbow symbolizes. What a wonderful feeling!

I'm often asked what inspires me. My answer is simple: everything. God is the ultimate artist and when I open my eyes to the amazing (and even seemingly ordinary) things all around me, there is more than enough inspiration to spark my imagination and provide fuel for my arwork.

Isn't He amazing?

In Him~

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