Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A New Mosaic Cross

Here are the pictures:

And the detail shot:

The cross is a Grandmother gift ~ a special gift honoring the birth of the recipient's granddaughter. It is on my smallest cross base ~ 4" x 6" ~ and the background is pieced with matte iridescent white glass (it doesn't show up as much in the pictures but it's beautiful!).

The flowered cross in the middle was created by a fellow artist Jean West. She specializes in fused glass and incorporates her creations into beautiful jewelry. I was fortunate to meet Jean last Fall at a show in Houston and I spent a few hours in her studio a few weeks ago. Talk about inspiration! She's an amazing person and her artwork is fabulous. You can check out her site at www.jwestbeads.com You will definitely be seeing more of her pieces appearing in my artwork.

In Him ~


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