Friday, April 11, 2008

O Girl!

My last entry was about boy crosses so it's only fitting that this entry is about a baby girl cross. . . a pink beaded daisy cross to be exact! It was ordered by a new client who actually found me through this blog. See! Proof that I'm not just talking to myself. Ha!

I really love my beaded daisy crosses (I think I say this about each of my mosaic crosses, don't I?! But it's really true!) They just make me smile.

The process to make a beaded daisy cross is more complicated than a "regular" cross but it's so much fun to watch it all come together. The beads add the perfect, unique touch and iridescence of the beads really makes the daisy stand out. I'm pretty sure I've posted pictures of previous beaded daisy crosses but here's the one I just finished. No two are ever alike anyway!

I'll add my typical "this picture is horrible" disclaimer. Really, I need to invest in a new camera. The 3.2 megapixel Sony Cybershot has seen better days and I'd really be able to give y'all a better idea of how gorgeous my mosaic crosses truly are. Maybe soon . . .

I hope your weekend is full of things that make you smile. : )

In Him,

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Chantell Labuschagne said...

I have just started with Mosaic and I found your web page on Friday and I must say it is truly inspiring. I have never seen anything like that here in South Africa. Your work is encouraging me to better my own and expand my thoughts on what can be done with mosaics as an art form. Thank you for the inspiration.

Chantell Labuschagne