Monday, October 23, 2006

Lavender Beaded Daisy Cross

Just wanted to share a picture of the mosaic cross I finished yesterday. It is similar to the Burgundy Beaded Daisy Mosaic Cross I posted below except this one is a little bit smaller and doesn't have the vine.

I love daisies and so it is natural for me to incorporate them into my artwork. They also symbolize the innocence of the Christ child. The idea to use beads to create the daisy popped into my head about a year ago and the beaded daisy crosses were instantly popular. I continue to refine the beading and grouting process as they are both a bit trickier than with a "true" mosaic. The results are well worth it!

A detail shot of a beaded daisy:

I have also created a Beaded Daisy Mosaic Cross on my smallest cross size:

Stay tuned for more new artwork . . . I have several commissions going out this week!

In Him ~



Krista said...

Beautiful as always.

Krista said...

Beautiful as always!!

Tracey said...

Mary, your work is fabulous. The daisy crosses are some of my favorites.