Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rainbow & Bluebirds Mosaic Cross ~ The Recreation

I want to share a mosaic cross I finished today. It was commissioned by my client as a birthday present for her friend. We should all be blessed with such wonderful friends!

From the Christian perspective, the rainbow is the symbol of the covenant God made with man after The Great Flood (see Genesis 9:12-17), an especially pertinent reminder for me today as it continues to POUR down rain! To make a long story short, the rainbow symbolizes that God is good and faithful to mankind. The cross of course symbolizes these same things so combining the two symbols is especially powerful. There is something wonderful and peaceful about seeing a rainbow on a cross.

The rainbow mosaic cross I finished today actually is a recreation of this mosaic cross that I completed about 6 weeks ago:

The mosaic cross pictured directly above was commissioned by my client as a gift for her newest grandchild. When the client first contacted me, she told me that she wanted to purchase a mosaic cross with a rainbow and bluebirds. She had definite ideas (that's a good thing!) about the design and placement of the rainbow and bluebirds. After working closely with her, this beautiful cross was created.

I'm often asked how I feel about recreating a previously designed cross. The easy answer is that, from a purely artistic perspective, it truly doesn't bother me. The beauty of the medium of mosaic is that, even if you are reproducing the same design, the pieces of glass always fit together differently. That means that the challenge of piecing is always there regardless of the design. I take great pride in the craftsmanship I put into each and every mosaic and that's true no matter how many times I piece a dove, heart, etc. I realize this isn't the answer you'd receive from most artists . . . but I guess I have a different perspective. Without being too deep, this is about more than the artwork for me. It's about a partnership with God and I am blessed to create each and every cross I'm asked to create.

Having said that ~ I always hesitate a bit when I'm asked to make an exact replica of a previously created piece of artwork. One of the main things that has contributed to my success as an artist is that I work closely with my clients to design and create a unique piece of artwork. I want to create for my clients something that is special . . . something that they can't find at their local Pier One/Hobby Lobby/Michaels/Target . . . something that isn't hanging on their neighbor's wall. I think it's only fair to produce original artwork for each client.

What does all of this mean? It means that, when I'm inevitably asked to recreate my previous designs, I tweak them to suit each individual client. I change the colors, the glass I use, the number of bluebirds, the shape of the cross . . . I add new elements, new symbolism. I truly try to change something so both clients ~ the original client as well as the new client ~ have a unique creation. It's tricky sometimes . . . but I'm always up for a challenge!

Tomorrow I'll share my original rainbow mosaic cross. It's pictured to the right and is called Everlasting Covenant. Thanks for reading!

In Him ~

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