Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Mosaic Cross ~ Rachael's Cross

Can you believe it?! Two blog entries in two days. If you don't watch out, I might actually meet my New Years' Resolution of posting 3x week. Scary.

Anyway ~ here's a picture of my latest mosaic cross. The specs: 9"x13" (medium cross base); lavender stained glass, deep purple glass beads and a transparent glass cross bevel. Oh ~ and white grout. Didn't it turn out beautiful?!

And the detail shot:

The cross is for my clients' nanny. They settled on this design after seeing this mosaic cross on my website (visit the site at

Title: Calm My Anxious Heart
Size: 7" x 11.5"
Materials: Transparent glass, Delica seed beads, transparent bevel, crystal beads and dichroic heart

I addressed the issue of recreating one of my original mosaic designs in a previous entry and Rachael's cross is a perfect example of what I said in that entry:
. . . when I'm inevitably asked to recreate my previous designs, I tweak them to suit each individual client. I change the colors, the glass I use, the number of bluebirds, the shape of the cross . . . I add new elements, new symbolism. I truly try to change something so both clients ~ the original client as well as the new client ~ have a unique creation.
I enjoyed the opportunity to work with this design again and love how Rachael's Cross is similar to yet different than Calm My Anxious Heart. In fact, I'm already thinking of how to tweak the design again. LOL!

In Him ~



Debbie said...

Howdy! Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. My daughter loves College Station! Your crosses are beautiful! Do you sell them? I would love to buy one for my daughter...she would love it!

Kirsten said...

Your crosses are lovely..and an inspiration. With three little boys in the house you can imagine that I need His peace pretty often.