Sunday, January 14, 2007

A New Mosaic Plaque . . . & Random Thoughts on "Random" Art

I finished a new mosaic plaque this week. It's called ~ Rock Series #1. Creative, I know.

The specs ~ 4" x 4", rocks and marble on wood. No grout.

The picture ~

The story ~ I made this piece as an experiment. I wanted to work with some rocks I had in the studio and a bit with marble. This piece is the result. It's what I affectionately call "random art" . . . it's art that I create on my own . . . not for a client. I always have so many ideas swimming around in my head but not nearly enough time to actually sit down and create them. When I get the opportunity to just experiment, I learn so much (and have alot of fun!). It's very gratifying, inspiring, motivating . . . and alot of other -ing words. : )

I hope you've found time to pursue the desires of your heart. It's good for the soul.

In Him ~


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